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1. How far in advance do I need to register my event?
Please allow plenty of time to help ODUS identify the services you might need and what steps need to be completed in order for your event to be a success. For example, if your event requires Public Safety officers, Public Safety will need notice ten business days before your event in order to schedule an officer to be on duty. For most other events, ODUS requires that you submit your registration at least five business days before your event.

2. How do I know what services I will need for my event?
Please review the services links for a short description of what they provide. These descriptions also include links to the servicesŐ individual websites, where you can get more detailed information. Even if you are unsure you will need the service, check it anyway so that the administrator will be notified and your event will receive approval. Once your event is approved you should contact them directly to place your order or schedule services.

3. Do I reserve my location with this form?
All spaces must be reserved through offices other than ODUS. In order to confirm a reservation, you must contact the appropriate office. Submitting this form does not guarantee space for your event. Below are the most popular spaces for student events. Each venue contact will help you determine the suitability of your event for the proposed space. Please note that in most cases in order to confirm your reservation you will need to submit your approved event registration form.

4. How do I know if my event is approved?
Once your event has been reviewed by the appropriate services and ODUS you will receive a confirmation email from stuvents@princeton.edu that your event has been approved. Most services require a "signed event registration form" in order to confirm space reservation, rentals or funding. The confirmation email will serve as your signed form from ODUS.

5. How do I know if my event is rejected?
You will receive an email from stuvents@princeton.edu that says your event has been rejected. In this email you will receive comments from an administrator explaining why your event was rejected and if possible what steps you will need to take to resubmit your event in order to be accepted.

6. Can I still fill out the paper form?
The paper version of the Events Registration Form will still be available to fill out in the ODUS office at 313 West College. Copies will also be available in the Student Governance offices in 204 Frist but must be submitted to the ODUS office. Please note that if you choose to use the paper form you will have to return to 313 West College to pick up your signed and approved form.

7. Who do I contact in ODUS for more information?
Email Jeanette DeGuire (jdeguire@princeton.edu), call (609) 258-5750 or stop by 313 West College Monday through Friday, 1:00-4:00pm with any of your questions.

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